Our mission is to promote the development of alternative communicative channels to all those people who, for different reasons, have difficulties in verbal communication: People with severe communicative disabilities often struggle to draw attention to themselves and struggle to make others recognize their own attempts at communication, bringing the context to interpret and/or anticipate their demands.

In addition to developing tools to facilitate communication and the daily life of people with communicative difficulties, ALOS aims to raise awareness in the different contexts (health, family, school, etc.) on the possibility of developing and using tools that facilitate the expression of needs and desires by anyone, with a view to increasing the spaces of Self-determination and quality of life for people with discapacity. Communication, in fact, is for each of us necessary and indispensable at all times.

The primary goal is to allow anyone to communicate and interact effectively, in order to facilitate participation and inclusion in the society. Communicative applications and support for autonomy arise from a careful evaluation of the needs of people who have intellectual disabilities and socio-relational problems.

About Us


Federica Floris, psychologist and expert in clinical and rehabilitative neuropsychology, she has a ten-year experience in the field of intellectual disability and autism spectrum disorders. 

She develops projects in the field of social and communicative rehabilitation for people who have important communicative difficulties.

Alessandra Piaggio, engineer working in the computer industry since 7 years, she works as a consultant in an international company offering software solutions and services for the maritime market.

In parallel she has cultivated a personal passion for the world of mobile applications, starting her experience as developer on the Android platform.

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We decided to develop our idea in application format so that everyone can use it on the device considered most suitable, regardless of the economic availability, because communicating is a right.
ALOSpeak is available on Google Play
and will be available on App store starting from September 2018